Can Franc assist our bride discover the One (the gown, that is)?

Big ballgown, sexy mermaid, demure lace… The multitude of bridal dress designs kept newly involved Denise Smith dizzy. So could Franc’s team assist her get the one?

Bride-to-be Denise Smith in Vows Bridal Boutique, Co. Cork. Picture: Clare Keogh

Getting guidelines from Vows’ bridal consultant

Denise’s mother waits expectantly

Denise Smith with Say Yes To Dress presenter Peter Kelly (Franc)

October 08 2017 01:30 AM

Precisely one ago today, I arrived home to find my house plunged into total darkness month.

F umbling for the light switch as I opened my entry way, we noticed a fairy flicker of light that lured me to my backyard. When I’m the sort of individual who frequently forgets to show my hair straightener off, we panicked that we’d somehow was able to begin a tiny fire in the home or its environs. Lire la suite